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Weston is 6 months | Victoria, MN Family Photographer

October 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Booking a newborn means you can choose to participate in an annual plan that allows your little one to have some of the big changes that take place in the first year documented.  New rolls, bigger smiles, new skills, and other milestones.  Many choose to document 3, 6, 9 months.  Others choose skills like tummy time, sitting up, and standing.  The first year really flies by and what a gift at the end of the year to have some great moments captured to throw into a first year photo book and celebrate!  Weston is now 6 months handsome and he was full of smiles!  He was also in a new house with a new front porch!  I know how valuable all those newborn and 3 month pictures will be to look back on when they show him the house that he came home to.  And so fun to now have their new house in the pictures!  At home milestone sessions mean the entire picture will bring back memories!  Here are some of Weston's 6 month captures! 


I arrived and he was napping and I have not met a kid who wakes and has some odd lady in their room with a big black camera react like he did...

He took me in and gave me a huge smile and then snuggled in for a bottle..and then changed into a new outfit and smiled for the rest of the session.  Dreamy sixth month old. 

If you are pondering the annual plan please don't hesitate to call or email me with your questions!  


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