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Bo's Ordinary is of course... Extraordinary | Savage, MN Family Photographer

October 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Meet Bo.  

  He is new to Sarah Ann Photography and what a joy he was to capture.  A little unsure of my camera at first, but then he got busy with mom and dad and the moments are all him.  

 A one year old who is learning to walk,  loves reading in mom and dad's lap, who was a bit more serious in front of my camera, but  makes his mom and dad just beam.  The night of their session the winds were blowing and it was a tad more chilly so without much notice mom and dad were up for some at home moments combined with some backyard fall moments.  I LOVE that it worked out this way.  Now they have some of their everyday captured along with some fall family shots, too.  

I absolutely love at home sessions where the family does their ordinary and they trust my eye to capture their life.  Ultimately, when you hire a photographer you are hiring someone to capture your life through their eyes.  At home sessions can be a little scary because when you look around your home you see all the to do lists and clutter.   Sadly, we often look in the mirror and our eyes focus on all the imperfections.  But, remember, when you hire are hiring the gal that will show you your beautiful life through my lens.  I don't see the to do lists or clutter.  You will be in the pictures immersed in your family instead of on the other side of the camera.   And oh how perfect it always is.  My goal is taking your ordinary and showing you how extraordinary it really is


He dove into mom's arms but turned right around to smile at his proud daddy.  

And then headed back! 

Thank you B bunch!  It was so good to meet you!  What an adorable little guy you have! 


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