It has taken me over three years to sit down and attempt to greet you..probably because I fear all the grammar and writing mistakes I will likely make.  I tend to write in a ramble type fashion.  So here goes….

I truly believe that finding a photographer is about finding someone who matches your style in photos and  has an eye for what you want captured.  My eyes see moments.  A split second that is magical.  The moments that happen when you let kids cuddle and play with mom and dad.  When there is a pause and a look between siblings that leads to giggles.  It is when children are allowed to run, chase, and explore.  My eye sees the beauty in a home that is full of people, love, emotions (all of them), and all  the possessions that tell your story, even the messes and clutter.   There is magic in what happens when a child is just "at home".  Sarah Ann Photography does not advertise perfectly posed pictures.  Nope, when you hire me you will end up with a gallery that I believe will truly capture you and your family as you are right now.  The moments, the connections, the little things that are the big things, the ordinary that you will see is the extraordinary.  

So a little about me….  

I am a girl who is a sister and a daughter and who relished all my moments as a granddaughter.  I became a teacher and then a wife and soon a mother.  Charley our first was born and the pictures started to be snapped.  Along came number two and my role as a teacher was no longer an active one.  Without teaching as an outlet for my creativity I started to blog and document our days at home with three little ones.  My interest in learning more photography hit hardest when my third was born.  Documenting our everyday was my love.  And looking at where my photography started and what I capture today…. you can see that I have always been most passionate about capturing moments.  My love is capturing the real, the natural, the authentic.  Because as a mama I have learned that it all changes much too quickly and it is the genuine smiles and emotions that truly document who our children are at this moment.   It is magic when life makes someone smile and it can be captured. 

The days are long, but the years are short.  It is so true and as a mother my goal each day is to survive the daily moments and look forward to the new start and ordinary adventures the next day will bring.   I soon realized that it was the ordinary that I really found extraordinary.  Our family loves our time at home, our trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, fun with friends, and traditions with cousins.  We savor our summer trip north for the Fourth of July and a week that goes way to fast to a cabin that has been a tradition since I was born.   Maybe someday we will all board a plane together.  For now though, I love that our simple and everyday adventures are what my children think of as treasured family time.  

Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, a beer with a friend, and  a margarita on vacation.  

Canasta with Ed’s family, Nerts with my family, Machi Koro with our family.

Occasional tent camping, a rustic cottage for the week, time dipping our toes in Lake Superior, and local hikes from time to time. 

Bikes we would like to ride together more often, downhill skis for four out of five of us in the winter, and fishing poles that get thrown out into the lake in the summer.

All of this and more are part of life in the Wroblewski house.  I am so thankful to have a husband, Ed, who has cheered on this photography adventure from day one.  My three kiddos Charley {13}, Henry {10}, and Sydney {7} have been good sports being in front of the camera.  They are my muses and have me lugging my camera from soccer game, to dance practice, to school activities, to parks, pools, and lakes.  I am grateful they allow me to capture their stories.  


Now you get to decide…is it my eye that will be capturing your story!  


**First two photos taken by Rebeccah Parks Photography