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There are an incredible amount of Minnesota Newborn photographers.  So many different styles.  When you are choosing the person to capture your baby's first days it is important to love the photographer's style.  We are all very different and our style is our strength.  I tell my clients that my focus is on moments.  I don't do a lot with posing or outfits.  My favorite is to capture families spending time in their home so that the entire picture will tell a story for years to come.  This time of year when it is so cold out no one wants to go out, especially with a week old little miracle.   The at home lifestyle photography session makes life so simple.  I come to you.  No need to bundle baby up and trek out in these below zero temperatures.  Your session can be as simple as a cozy  corner of your home or it can be a chance to capture all the little nooks and crannies that make your home your home.   Here is another favorite summer 2018 newborn.  We captured all the nooks of their adorable farm house out "in the sticks" is how they described it to me.  I absolutely loved the adorable moments we captured surrounded by the cozy character of their home.  

This incredible time of bringing home your first baby or watching your first born turn into a big sibling is all about the love, happiness, mixed with a little chaos and exhaustion that you want to look back on for years to come as the memories that tell your family's story.   Sarah Ann Photography would love to help tell your family's story.  

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Catching up on blogging with this newborn | Prior Lake, MN Newborn Photographer

Meet Sonny.  He was born on the Fourth of July and so this blog post is long overdue.  I didn't spend much time on blogging in 2018.  My 2019 is about to kick off and I thought I would blog a few sessions to get myself fired up!  Baby Sonny had all the hair and that dimple and that meant no one could keep their hands off him.  His big brothers were gentle and his mom and dad so relaxed given they are baby boy pros.  I LOVED that they had me help capture his first bath.  Here are some of my favorites from this July newborn session.  

Contact Sarah Ann Photography if you are in the Prior Lake, Minnesota area or any other Minneapolis/ St. Paul surrounding area and are looking to have some first moments captured in the cozy of your own home.  No need to bundle anyone up to head out into the frigid MN winter.  You just keep your slippers on, keep your coffee pot filled, and snuggle in.  I come to you!  

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Don't try to rush things | Prior Lake, Minnesota Family Photographer

With the summer sun heating up our days, this mama is  watching the calendar and counting down the days.  The last weeks of a summer pregnancy can be exhausting and hot, but 

"Don't try to rush things that need time to grow"

(seen on Pinterest)



I also know this mama is cherishing the time left with just two little guys underfoot.  Soon there will be three and her days will be a wee bit more busy.  I am so glad she took time out of her summer to have some moments captured one last time as a family of four.  And I am so excited to be capturing the next year with their newest family member.  (Sarah Ann Photography offers customized annual plans to include what you want captured. )  There was no way to narrow down this session for a short blog post.  So here is practically their whole session.  




 Brother moments <3

While the little boys explored the rock path I took advantage and captured some mom and dad moments. 

We ended the session with a few candid family moments at the beach.  Can't wait to meet their newest little person in just a couple of weeks!

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What makes your heart burst when number two arrives | Prior Lake, MN Newborn Photographer

Baby number two is coming and you are overwhelmed with thoughts on how number two will fit in to your daily chaos.  How will the big sibling handle the transition from being the only to the "big brother/sister"?  How will it go juggling two who need to get in and out of the car?  How will you feed baby while number one is needing attention?  How will you parent at 6 am when big brother is up and ready for the day and you have been up all night with baby number 2?  And planning for newborn pictures is likely not on your mind at all?

Newborn pictures are so special.  They capture such an incredible time.  But newborn pictures for your second capture SO much more than just a new baby!   

What is so special about newborn pictures for the second (or third ...)?

The thing that is so special is capturing the start of a lifelong relationship between your first and the newest member of your family.  This newborn session we focused on capturing Keegan and Gavin and the start of their brother adventures.  

And here are a WHOLE BUNCH of my favorites!!! 

Now booking Fall of 2018 Newborn sessions!!!

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Welcome, Sweet Maverick | Burnsville, Minnesota Newborn Photographer  

" I'll be the greatest fan of your life..."  Edwin McCain

Mom and dad are five days into their adventure as parents and adjusting to their newest role in life.    They are now his greatest fan and not much else matters these days as much as sweet Maverick and all his tiny-ness,all his needs, and all his moments.  Hours lost staring at him, stealing a few seconds of shut eye as they pass him between each other's arms, eating bowls of cereal while standing at the kitchen counter trying to remember what their old normal felt like.  And realizing that this new normal is somewhat a blur, but also the biggest adventure they have had yet together and they want to remember it all.   Congratulations B tribe!  It was an honor capturing this precious little boy and the start of your journey together <3.  

It was hard picking a few favorites so here is an over share of my favorites.

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Last year at this time...| Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

Last year around this time (April 24) I was handing this adorable gallery off.   There were touches of green grass and the fact that this little beauty was in short sleeves and bare toes...well, it looks like spring 2017 arrived far more timely than 2018.  When I check the weather app it does look promising that the snow may melt in the coming days and spring is right around the corner!  So bring on the green grass, bubbles and chalk play, bike riding, bruised knees, muddy shoes, and sunshine smiles!  And if you are pondering a photo session do not hesitate to touch base with me.

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9 months beautiful | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

I really have no words for this session.  Just a gorgeous girl with her gorgeous mama in her gorgeous nursery with gorgeous light.  So yeah, one word.


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Mr. M is 18 months old | Minneapolis, MN family photographer

I can't get enough of this little guy (and his handsome big brothers).  And since I have been capturing them all since pre-Mr. M...I must say that it really works best that I hang out with the star of the show and mom step out of the room for a bit because, well, I think she and I could have coffee and chat...and have it turn into lunch, and then dinner.  I was blessed that  all of my sessions last week were with repeat families who have really found a place in my heart.  And when the sessions end and I stand in the doorway chatting about makes me leave with such a smile.   It is such an honor and it really makes this seem like less than a job and so much more like capturing my own family.  And the moments just seem that much more authentic.  So thank you Mr. M for smiling so big for my camera this round.   

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Happy Birthday, Mr. D | Eagan, Minnesota Family Photographer This cutie turned one last weekend.  I know they celebrated it with happy hearts <3

But l am pretty sure like all parents who watch their baby turn one they also had all the overwhelming emotions and the disbelief that the first year has passed, they had a few moments they survived & and millions where they thrived, and are amazed at how much their love for this little man continues to grow.  I am so grateful to have gotten to help them freeze time just a wee bit so they can look back at their journey.  


Newborn Mr. D

6 months

And ONE!!!!

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Benjamin { 6months} | Prior Lake, Minnesota Family Photographer

Benjamin is six months handsome and my camera just loved capturing this little man.  

Here are a bunch of my favorites! 

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Billy {6 months} | Prior Lake, Minnesota Family Photographer

Your baby is born and then you blink and they turn one.  And in between that time they go through so many changes.  The first year is such an incredible year and though there are days and nights that seem long - when the year is over you will be in denial.  Capturing your little people during that first year is something you will never regret.  Newborn families can book milestone sessions throughout the first year to capture the changes.  3,6,9 months are all great milestones.  Sitting up and standing can also be great times to capture.  At home milestone sessions mean they can interact within their comfort zone and it means you don't have to bundle anyone up, trek to a new location, and deal with any elements that are out of your control.  And the entire picture will tell a picture for years to come!  Here are some of my favorites from Billy's 6 month milestone session.  

Six month milestones typically include toe grabbing, smiling, cuddling with mom, belly laughs with dad, sitting up, tummy time, serious looks, and snuggles with favorite items like nuks, blankets, or bears.  

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Hello, Billy | Prior Lake, MN Newborn Photographer

Last September I met this tiny fellow!  The second little boy for this adorable family.  And now he is 6 months and I will be catching up with him later this week. It is crazy how much they change in that first week, first month, 6 months....that first year.  And it all goes so fast...especially when it is number 2.  So capturing them just a week into life is a choice a family will never regret.  Because those tiny little parts grow and change so much.


And your first baby all of a sudden seems SO much older.  


The sibling moments are always my favorite to capture.  They are often candid and so authentic.  There is no way for a 2-4 year older sibling to fake any joy or love when they interact with their new sibling.  The moments captured are always so natural and real and usually make everyone in the room giggle, sigh, and smile.  Big B and Little B are lucky to have each other.


I am sure these parents are in awe of how quickly the first six months have gone.  It is such an amazing journey watching your children grow, change, become a little more their own person, and build lifelong friendships with those they love.  

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Hello, Baby B | Prior Lake, MN Newborn Photographer

Last September I met this tiny fellow!  The second little boy for this adorable family.  And now he is 6 months and I will be catching up with him later this week. It is crazy how much they change in that first week, first month, 6 months....that first year.  And it all goes so fast...especially when it is number 2.  So capturing them just a week into life is a choice a family will never regret.  Because those tiny little parts grow and change so much.  

And your first baby all of a sudden seems SO much older.  

The sibling moments are always my favorite to capture.  They are often candid and so authentic.  There is no way for a 2-4 year older sibling to fake any joy or love when they interact with their new sibling.  The moments captured are always so natural and real and usually make everyone in the room giggle, sigh, and smile.  Big B and Little B are lucky to have each other.

I am sure these parents are in awe of how quickly the first six months have gone.  It is such an amazing journey watching your children grow, change, become a little more their own person, and build lifelong friendships with those they love.  

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Introducing Baby Declan | Prior Lake, Minnesota Newborn Photographer Once again I was so honored to be invited into this family's world for a couple hours to capture some of their first moments at home with their newest little family member.  Big sister who will turn 3 soon (if not already) was gentle, interested, and my camera ate her up.  A big part of baby number two joining a tribe is the change that happens when your first baby becomes a big sibling.  I loved that we got so many moments capturing how much big sister already loves her new brother.  Here are too many of my favorites because I couldn't narrow it down.  Congratulations W tribe on becoming a family of four!  


Sarah Ann Photography is so grateful for the many clients that have come to me from referrals!   This family was referred to me by a high school friend who lives on the other side of the country!!  The fact that dad is from my hometown and knows my sister from back in his high school years gave us all something to laugh about.  If you know someone interested in a cozy at home session focused on capturing their new "now" send them my way!  My passion is capturing authentic moments that give evidence of the excitement and love of this exciting time!! 

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Everly turns ONE!!! | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer Many newborn families will customize a year of photos and enjoy a discount by booking more than one session within a year to tell their family's story. The E tribe met their second little lady and then met up with me to capture her stages at 6 months and a year.  I love seeing family's throughout a year and I am so excited when the kids start to remember me and even greet me by name.   So here is a quick glimpse of Miss E as a newborn, six month old, and at 1 year of age.

Miss E as a newborn!

Miss E is 6 months beautiful! 

And in July we met up to capture her at the amazing age of one.  We captured her being Everly and then we captured Everly conquering a cupcake!  Here are a few favorites! 

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Welcome , sweet Juliana | Minneapolis, MN Newborn Photographer

 On a sunny morning in June, this young lady greeted me at the door and was all smiles from the moment I arrived!  

She had a wee bitty reason to be smiling so big!  She is the proud big sister to the newest baby in the family, Juliana!  Born June 14, 2017 this little girl was treasured by all right from the start.  Here are a few of my favorite moments from their newborn session.   While baby sister had a snack...big sister had a snack and jumped on her bed, danced with her dad, and continued with the big grins.


Sarah Ann Photography is a Minnesota Lifestyle Newborn Photographer.  Sessions are focused on capturing moments and not perfectly posed pictures.  The backdrop being your home means the entire picture will have so much meaning for years to come!  

Contact Sarah Ann Photography now to book a 2018 newborn! 

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Catching up with a favorite session from last fall....The M Tribe

She's just a mother.

Which is kind of like saying,

"It's just the sun."

-Matt Walsh

This smiling lady just radiates motherhood.  And I am so lucky to have gotten to know her during some of my mothering years!  Last fall I got to capture her family and a little bit of the extended family and I loved the time spent with them.  I also loved the pictures.  I can't believe I didn't share them last fall.  Fall gets crazy for family pictures and I lost steam in the blogging department.  I am sharing a few families in the coming weeks to remind people how priceless an hour in front of my camera can be.  Forever capturing happiness and the connections you and yours have with each other! 


I also have had questions about whether a mini session or a full session is right for your family.  Everyone only NEEDS one family picture and one of each of their kiddos.  But it takes a gallery of photos that make your heart smile to find the handful that make your heart burst!  A mini session doesn't give you time to relax and hang out.  Though a mini session can be short and sweet...a full session offers the chance for kids to warm up.  It also allows for multiple backgrounds.  It doesn't mean that your family is sitting on a blanket for an hour.  We wander, climb trees, explore a park, blow bubbles, play tag, hula hoop, eat ice cream, swing, throw rocks in a stream... it is never dull or painful! At least no one has described it that way...yet :)


Here are some of my favorites of their FULL session!  

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Sweet P is here! | Prior Lake, Minnesota Newborn Photographer

These sweet lips belong to Miss Piper.  A sweet little lady who began her life adventures July 8, 2017.  She was a dreamy little newborn to capture.  And her mom and dad were so smitten it was easy to capture their love for their sweet little lady.  Here are some favorites! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Wed, 26 Jul 2017 13:15:00 GMT
Introducing Baby Cameron | Hastings, MN Newborn Photographer  

On July 21, 2017 this pretty little lady with a full head of hair began her life adventures!  I was the lucky one to capture some of her first family moments.  And now she is a beautiful 6 months old and thanks to Facebook I get little glimpses of these precious babies from time to time.  I fell behind with blogging sessions with the my summer adventures that turned into the busy fall photo season.  So I am playing catch up and sharing a few sessions.  Here are a few favorites from her newborn session.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) in-home lifestyle minnesota newborn Fri, 21 Jul 2017 21:30:00 GMT
Miss E turns one | Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer

Many families capture their little ones throughout their first year and it culminates with a little celebration.   I love when families embrace the chance to capture some everyday moments that really document baby's stage in life.   This sweet birthday girl woke from her nap when I had arrived and you can't a more happy girl when waking from a nap.  Everyone was happy to greet her and the looks she gave big brother are priceless.  We hung out and let her be herself and then we had a treat and finished with a sink bath.  Here are some favorites from her one year old session!

At Home Sessions are my very favorite.  I love helping capture life as it plays out in the most natural way and in the most real setting.   Contact Sarah Ann Photography now if you want to inquire about capturing life as it is right now in the place you call home.  

[email protected]

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Soaking up the tiny Mr. Dominic | Eagan, MN Newborn Photographer

When your first bitty baby arrives you spend hours and hours soaking up all the tiny moments.  The end of the day comes and you wonder, "what did I do today?"  And maybe you didn't get a To Do List accomplished, but with a newborn in the picture you have your priorities set straight if the minutes turned into hours and much of the day was spent just being with this new little wiggly baby.  These two naturally fell into moments of just being with their handsome little guy.  And my camera loved capturing it all.  Here are some of my favorites!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) lifestyle newborn Thu, 13 Apr 2017 13:53:18 GMT
Welcome, Miss Hadley | Lakeville, MN Newborn Photographer

Meet the beautiful Miss Hadley.  This pretty girl met my camera when she was just under a week old and I could not get enough.  All that hair and a few bitty rolls in all the right places makes this girl very yummy.  And boy oh boy is her family smitten.

She is the second little one for this tribe.. making someone a very proud big brother!  Theo was so much fun as he shared his energy for life and his love for his little sister. Here are a whole bunch of my favorites from our time together.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) lifestyle newborn Tue, 11 Apr 2017 15:20:19 GMT
Miss Everly {6 months} | Blaine, MN Family Photographer

Meet Everly!  She is 6 months beautiful and I enjoyed catching up with her for her six month milestone.  Here she was as a newborn.  

Six month milestone is probably my favorite!  They are so smiley and getting so much more personality.  And the changes are so huge in those first few months!  

Contact me if you have a milestone you want to capture!  Short and sweet and a little slice of life in the first year frozen and captured.  

Thanks, E family for having me up to your neck of the woods!  

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Welcome, Sir Callahan | Prior Lake, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Welcome, sweet Callahan!  Such tiny toes ....

...and, such an enormous yawn for only five days old.  

The W family is my most recent newborn session and once again I am reminded how much I love newborn sessions.  I roll up to a relaxed house where big brother is still napping and Callahan is ready for is day five bath.  "Yes, please!" says my camera.  I mean that is an everyday moment that will change so drastically in the first year.

And in the quiet we capture baby C.  We capture his tiny on mom and dad's bed.  

There is time for mama to feed baby...and look at those tiny, firmly grasped fingers.

Big brother wakes up and we capture them together.

And as a family of four!

Newborn sessions have my heart.    Real, authentic, natural, and meaningful moments captured of this precious time that goes by far too fast.  

Send me all the newborns!  I will love you forever!

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6 month milestone for Miss Mia | Burnsville, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer

Meet Miss Mia!  There she is at 6 months....

Here she is as a newborn!

This sweet girl gave some smiles, but wowsers her six month stare down captures are my favorite.  Just stunning, sweet little girl.  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites from her milestone session back in January.  Newborn clients can take advantage of the annual plan to capture multiple stages of baby's first year.   

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Fri, 24 Feb 2017 18:59:47 GMT
Happy Birthday, August! | Savage, MN family photographer

Last month this little balloon holding, puppy loving, cupcake devouring little man turned 1.  I absolutely loved the moments we captured of him being one.  Turning one is such a milestone.  Makes every mama realize how fast that first year goes.  Their personalities really are starting to show through and though some things get easier (maybe sleeping through the night) other things get they learn to toddle and walk and get into things.  Happy Birthday, Mr. August.  And Happy BIRTH day, mama.  What an incredible happy boy you have!  

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Emerson is 3 | Savage, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer

This is the beautiful Miss Emerson!  She was one of my first real newborn clients...meaning, I didn't know her and they gave me a chance when I was just starting out.  They gifted me the chance to capture her every 3 months that first year and have continued to let me share in the joy of capturing her as she becomes this delightful little lady.  So 3 years for Miss Emerson and 3 years for Sarah Ann Photography.  Wow!!! 

 Here are a few moments from our Sunday morning session in January.

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The Stairs | Prior Lake, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer Looking back at 2016 I loved how so many families embraced their home as a backdrop for their family photos.  A relaxed session being at home, doing your thing, surrounded by your life.  Photos captured at your house mean the entire photo will tell a story for years to come.  Just like our children grow and change...our homes change and we even move.  To remember the home you began your family in is something you will always love looking back on.  I recently shared how the crib and the kitchen can look different as your children grow and change.   When hanging out at home some of my favorite captures are the in between moments.  The ones traveling from one activity to another.  Running upstairs to put on princess costumes.....

or to follow big sister who is in the mood to jump on her bed!

The way they go up or down.  The confidence.  The independence.  It changes as they grow.  And the light is often just perfect on the stairs.  

One of the reasons at home sessions are my favorite is because I get to shoot most like I shoot for my own family.  I get to capture authentic and simple moments and show you how beautiful your real and your everyday can be.  

Going into 2017 ponder the idea of having your family photos done in the comfort of your own home.  The entire picture will tell a story you will love to look back on for years to come.  

Checkout the kitchen as a backdrop here.

Checkout the crib and the fun that can be captured here!

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3 Little boys | Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer

Little boys should never be sent to bed

They always wake up a day older.

-Peter Pan

I have been capturing this crew for awhile now and now there are three little boys and this session we focused on the bitty boy's three month milestone.  But his brothers were there with so much joy we got some of them too!  This mama has a lot of love coming at her with all these handsome guys in her life.  And though she doesn't want them to wake up a day older...I am sure there are many nights when bedtime gives her peace to rest.  And if she is like me...looking in on three little boys dreaming peacefully with their heads on their pillows are likely some of her favorite moments of the day.  Safe and sleeping gives a mama's heart time to reenergize of the next day of adventures.  

Also included in this session was their handsome dad.  He has escaped my camera the last couple sessions and I was so thrilled to get him in there with his boys.  Such a beautiful family that embraces my natural at home sessions.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) in-home lifestyle milestone Mon, 20 Feb 2017 23:44:42 GMT
The Kitchen | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer Next up...what many call the heart of their home...the kitchen.

Pancake flipping, cookie decorating, family chats and cuddles can all happen in the kitchen.  Playing games at the kitchen table, arts and crafts, donut devouring, birthday cake smashes, and sink baths have all been captured with my camera.   The kitchen is the heart of a home and the tasks that your little ones explore will grow and change.  No matter what though, it is a place where memories will be made.  Think about your kitchen and the potential it has to be  a beautiful backdrop to tell a little bit of your family's story.

Miss Emerson Age 2

Miss Emerson Age 3

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Sat, 04 Feb 2017 16:35:35 GMT
The crib | Savage, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer Going into 2017 I am going to take a couple of blog posts to show you how your home as a backdrop will change as your children grow.  I have had several clients want to look for a location outside of their home, because they don't want it to be the same.  However, capturing your child in the home will never be the same.  Your house changes and how they fit and interact in your home changes.  Here are just a few examples of how the crib changes from newborn to about three years of age...this is just a few of the many crib captures Sarah Ann Photography has loved capturing.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Fri, 03 Feb 2017 16:52:21 GMT
Adorable baby bump alert! | Apple Valley, MN Family Photographer

How many of us mamas avoided the camera when we were pregnant?  

And how many of us now regret that we don't have more moments captured while we were on one of the biggest adventures of our lifetime?  I know this mama will have no regrets having some moments captured with her adorable baby bump.  

 Mama Becky, relish this time with that little one who finds your heartbeat and voice the most peaceful and soothing sounds.  Right now only you know when the hiccups show up or when a change of position is needed.  He/she is all yours for the next couple weeks.  So many are anticipating and waiting to meet him/her   and help love and care for baby (especially, dad).  They can't wait until you share him/her with the world.  Can't wait to hear the news and to help you capture this next chapter in your journey. 

And now you need to pick a name :)

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Thu, 02 Feb 2017 22:18:40 GMT
Autumn with the K clan | Savage, MN family photographer

The perfectly imperfect is quite possibly my favorite thing about naturally candid photo sessions.  Every hand isn't perfectly placed, every smile isn't facing the camera, and sometimes one is hanging upside down but, the evidence is captured and there is no question this family is full of love and happiness and are at the stage of life where the imperfect is perfectly beautiful.  Love this family and loved catching up with them for a little mini session this fall!  Here are a couple of my favorites!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Wed, 25 Jan 2017 18:47:13 GMT
Fall Favorites | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

In the coming weeks Sarah Ann Photography is going to do some throwback blog posts.  I never blogged many of my fall sessions, because I was trying hard to get familys their galleries more timely for holiday cards and gifts.  So today I am starting with the T family.  Beautiful family who is just in love with their pretty little lady Miss B.  Such a joy to spend a pretty mild fall morning capturing their "now".   Thanks T family for returning to Sarah Ann Photography in 2016.  Here are a handful of my favorites!

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) fall family Tue, 24 Jan 2017 13:51:35 GMT
Worth it Everytime | Prior Lake, Minnesota Family Photographer

Meet this gorgeous crew!  

I think that shot up above was the first shot I took.  I always aim to get the everyone smiling at the camera shot done right away.  And then from there everyone can relax and there is far less pressure on everyone for the rest of the session.  2016 was the year of extended family sessions.  I had more extended family bookings this year than ever.  I have come to love the large group session because there is usually a lot of laughter and I always walk away feeling blessed that they chose me to capture their tribe.  It takes a lot to get everyone together.  Finding a date and time that works, no one is sick, and  getting everyone thoughtfully dressed.  I think all the chaos to get everyone to the session is always so worth it once they are together and realizing what is being documented!  

This sweet girl could turn that frown upside down in a split second :)

My first 2017 Gift Certificate for an extended family session went out today.   With any extended family session there is an opportunity for each individual family to add on a small mini session to get a little of just their family captured too.  What a wonderful gift to give this holiday season!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Extended family Wed, 23 Nov 2016 16:54:25 GMT
First up...| Prior Lake, MN Lifestyle Family Photographer  



Sarah Ann Photography was so blessed this October to capture so many beautiful families.  I worked hard to pass of galleries timely so that holiday cards could be ordered and everyone could look super on top of things.  (Not like my family since I have no idea what picture we will be using yet).  Usually I blog a session right after sending it off.  But, I skipped that this past month to try and be more productive with the galleries.  And it worked.  Now I am realizing how fun it is to now go back and look at the gallery and pick some favorites to share.  So in the next few weeks I will be sharing a few favorites from each of my fall sessions.  First up is this adorable family.  An early morning session at Centennial Lakes park was a perfect little adventure with many natural moments and smiles and even a few not so happy moments that are sometimes my favorite captures.  Take a peek at this family's time with Sarah Ann Photography.  Thank you D family for returning and being up for an adventure.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Sat, 19 Nov 2016 15:39:16 GMT
Grand moments with the Grandparents | Prior Lake, MN Family photographer

What a special session this was.  Grandma and Grandpa were gifted a session with their grandchildren.  Treasured moments they will forever relish.  The  malt making, accordion playing, reading with Grandma, and moments with Grandma's elephant collection just fill my heart up and I am not even related.  The memories I have of my time at my grandparents house are all about the little things we did often when visiting and when I pull out my parents photo albums the pull back shots where I can see their home...the parts of their home like the carpet, wall hangings, and knick knacks bring so much back from my times visiting them....Even the smells and tastes.   Grandma will have lots of frames to fill with these four beautiful grandchildren they enjoy so much. 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Thu, 03 Nov 2016 14:17:29 GMT
This session has my heart | Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer The question is not what you look at, but what you see.  - Henry Thoreau

Being invited into a family's life is such an honor.  So grateful for these families that find me and trust my eye to share their lives.  They relax and live life with my camera around to capture the little everyday moments that they want to remember.  Meet the H family.  We met one morning when it was a little windy, but not so chilly.  We wandered down to the lake they live by to capture some family moments and then we captured life at home with two beautiful little girls.  Snuggles, dance parties, hide and seek, jumping on beds, changing into princess dresses and so much more!  A favorite session for sure and so much fun this time of year when the park sessions are fast and furious.  I relish slowing down with a family to do sessions like this.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Thu, 03 Nov 2016 13:10:54 GMT
Fall looks good on the Allen Tribe | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

This family was made for October and it was so fun to meet them this year.  Just happy and relaxed and oh so many natural smiles throughout the entire evening.  I loved every capture from their gallery and knew it when I came home and uploaded them.  I was dying having to wait to dive into editing this session.  Fall just looks so good on all of them!  Here are some of my favorites! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:55:33 GMT
Jackson conquered his first year | Bloomington, MN Family Photographer

This little guy turned one and I have really enjoyed capturing him throughout his first year!  He was a bitty little boy when he was born.. And at 6 months...

And now Mr. Blue Eyes is snuggled up with his biggest fans.  We captured some family moments, some sibling moments, and a few of this boy and his gorgeous blue eyes and happy smile!  I am always sad to see a year end with a little guy who I have captured multiple times during the year!  Such an honor.  Cheers Mr. Jackson!  You are loved!


[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Wed, 02 Nov 2016 01:43:38 GMT
Sweet Evie | St. Paul, MN Family Photographer

Sweet Evie and her mama came and spent a wee bit of time in front of my camera to capture her at 2 and some love between a mama and her daughter.  I had way too many favorite and culling their gallery was once again the hard part!  So here are a whole bunch of my favorites.  I love that when there is time we get to capture the many smiles and facial expressions that a little one has.  I hope her mama finds a whole lot of Evie in these captures! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Wed, 02 Nov 2016 01:14:03 GMT
Bo's Ordinary is of course... Extraordinary | Savage, MN Family Photographer  

Meet Bo.  

  He is new to Sarah Ann Photography and what a joy he was to capture.  A little unsure of my camera at first, but then he got busy with mom and dad and the moments are all him.  

 A one year old who is learning to walk,  loves reading in mom and dad's lap, who was a bit more serious in front of my camera, but  makes his mom and dad just beam.  The night of their session the winds were blowing and it was a tad more chilly so without much notice mom and dad were up for some at home moments combined with some backyard fall moments.  I LOVE that it worked out this way.  Now they have some of their everyday captured along with some fall family shots, too.  

I absolutely love at home sessions where the family does their ordinary and they trust my eye to capture their life.  Ultimately, when you hire a photographer you are hiring someone to capture your life through their eyes.  At home sessions can be a little scary because when you look around your home you see all the to do lists and clutter.   Sadly, we often look in the mirror and our eyes focus on all the imperfections.  But, remember, when you hire are hiring the gal that will show you your beautiful life through my lens.  I don't see the to do lists or clutter.  You will be in the pictures immersed in your family instead of on the other side of the camera.   And oh how perfect it always is.  My goal is taking your ordinary and showing you how extraordinary it really is


He dove into mom's arms but turned right around to smile at his proud daddy.  

And then headed back! 

Thank you B bunch!  It was so good to meet you!  What an adorable little guy you have! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) in-home Sat, 29 Oct 2016 21:01:38 GMT
Weston is 6 months | Victoria, MN Family Photographer

Booking a newborn means you can choose to participate in an annual plan that allows your little one to have some of the big changes that take place in the first year documented.  New rolls, bigger smiles, new skills, and other milestones.  Many choose to document 3, 6, 9 months.  Others choose skills like tummy time, sitting up, and standing.  The first year really flies by and what a gift at the end of the year to have some great moments captured to throw into a first year photo book and celebrate!  Weston is now 6 months handsome and he was full of smiles!  He was also in a new house with a new front porch!  I know how valuable all those newborn and 3 month pictures will be to look back on when they show him the house that he came home to.  And so fun to now have their new house in the pictures!  At home milestone sessions mean the entire picture will bring back memories!  Here are some of Weston's 6 month captures! 


I arrived and he was napping and I have not met a kid who wakes and has some odd lady in their room with a big black camera react like he did...

He took me in and gave me a huge smile and then snuggled in for a bottle..and then changed into a new outfit and smiled for the rest of the session.  Dreamy sixth month old. 

If you are pondering the annual plan please don't hesitate to call or email me with your questions!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Fri, 28 Oct 2016 20:03:21 GMT
Their First Minnesota Fall | Savage, MN Family Photographer

Three little boys experiencing their first Minnesota Fall after moving from California.  Mama grew up around here and has always wanted them to experience the Minnesota fall excitement.  So we found leaves and they tossed them and they snuggled up as a family in them.  We made sure they were in the picture.  With three little boys I love how candid and real their gallery turned out.  You can tell there is a lot of happy, joy, and busy in this house.  What a lucky tribe!  Here are some of my favorites!   

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Fri, 28 Oct 2016 19:47:38 GMT
Caught some smiles | Savage, MN Family Photographer

Sometimes the best bait for a good picture is some candid family time where the kids are busy with an activity.  That can be when their real smiles just show up.  This is a favorite family who I have captured for the last three years (I think).  So these boys are growing up.  So we ended their session throwing their lines in and even though they didn't catch anything this time...I caught some smiles!  

And before we threw in the lines...we captured some family moments during our walk to the pond. 

When you book your next session with Sarah Ann Photography ponder an activity that your family enjoys and is meaningful to you.  And add a little storytelling into your session.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) fishing Thu, 27 Oct 2016 16:57:20 GMT
Happy Mother's Day | Apple Valley, MN Family Photographer

What better Mother's day gift than to have everyone gather for a few smiles to be captured so mom can fill her frames with all those she loves.  Well, that man up there did that.  He contacted me to book a family session for his beautiful wife....

What I call their "originals".

And then they were lucky enough to add this guy to the tribe....

which means there is a pretty incredible group of people who gather, hopefully more often than just the holidays... to laugh,  smile, and enjoy each other.  

The best smiles came in the in-between moments.  

It takes someone in the clan to organize an extended family gathering.  Getting everyone together at a particular day and time.  No one sick or with unexpected reason to reschedule.  The sun to shine and the wind to not blow too much.  Well, they did it!  Happy Mother's day, Wendy!

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) extended family Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:06:56 GMT
Simple Saturday Moments | Eagen, MN Family Photographer  



 The simple things.  

Our children have us juggling and worrying and planning and doing so many things every second of the day.  There are so many experiences and opportunities we want our little ones to experience, however, when they are is really just the simple ordinary daily things that really make them light up.  Like making pancakes on a Saturday morning...


Letting them pick the bowl, scoop the flour, and pick their mixing utensil make them light up. 

Slowing down to just enjoy the simple means he notices your earrings while you are pouring the pancake batter.  

It is the simple things they take pride in getting the newspaper.

And showing their tiny treasured collections.

A family portrait on your front stoop makes the ordinary pretty extraordinary...because this is your space.  The place they watch for dad to arrive home from work, where they sit and eat a popsicle, or color with chalk.  It is home.  

And a few steps from home is your everyday walking path that sometimes entertains for 10 minutes and sometimes an hour...

Another at home session with Britton and Lovisa was made perfect with pancakes, a walk, and just hanging out at home.  Treasured everyday moments that will look so differently a year from now.  Lovisa will want to stir the batter and Britton will be flipping the pancakes without dad's guidance.  It all goes so fast.   Such an honor to be invited into their family for a morning to help them capture some of these fleeting moments.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) in-home lifestyle Tue, 25 Oct 2016 21:17:04 GMT
Taking life less seriously...| Bloomington, MN family photographer  
“The best thing you've ever done for me
Is to help me take my life less seriously, it's only life after all.”
-Indigo Girls
This is a family that laughs.  They enjoy each other.  And boy are they fun to capture.   There was football tossing, showing off muscles, and time to capture a little of everything so that mom will have plenty to fill frames with!  Here are some of my favorites of a family who knows how to not take life too seriously!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Tue, 18 Oct 2016 14:55:55 GMT
The Eicher Family | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

It was a chilly evening, one of the first chilly fall evenings, and this crew cuddled up to stay warm.  Here are a bunch of my favorites of this returning family!  Again, I can't say enough how special it is when you return and I can see your kiddos grow and change!  Thanks E bunch.

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Tue, 18 Oct 2016 13:43:59 GMT
The Macias Family | Savage, MN family photographer

Another beautiful family on a perfect fall evening.  It is extra special when I get to capture a friend and her amazing family.  I am lucky to consider her a big part of my village when it comes to surviving the day to day busy of being a mom.  Whether it is some mama time, helping with pick ups and drop offs for school, or just hanging out so our kids can play...I can't thank her enough.  Here are some favorites from our time together.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Mon, 17 Oct 2016 16:44:54 GMT
The V family | Prior Lake, MN family photographer

I always enjoy when these three silly ones find their way in front of my camera.  The first family to trust me to capture their newborn....before I was officially "Sarah Ann Photography".  And they have stuck with me, sent friends and family, and are one of my favorites to capture.  They have grown into these amazing kiddos...just as they have probably noticed my growth in my photography.  I am more sure of who I am and how I love to capture families.  And even with my camera on them ...they just naturally fall right into the moments that will forever bring them back to this time in their lives.  Here is a little of their extraordinary captured. 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Mon, 17 Oct 2016 13:26:25 GMT
The B Bunch | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

Up next this fall was the B bunch.  3 little ladies...twin beauties and their adorable little sister who is ready to conquer the year of ONE.  Some family moments, some sibling candids, and a few portrait updates should give this mama some new pictures to fill her frames.  Here are just a few of my favorites. 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Wed, 12 Oct 2016 12:13:55 GMT
A Month of Milestones | Savage, MN family photographer

Another favorite Sarah Ann Photography family who has been with me from the start and continues to allow me to help them capture their life and all it's stages.  This round Shea turned one this month...cake smash blog comes right after this one.  And Kennedy turned 3 this month.  And mom and dad had an anniversary.  So we ended with the cake smash but, spent some family time capturing a little of everything before frosting was all over the place.  Beautiful family, beautiful moments.  Thanks again G tribe!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Tue, 11 Oct 2016 21:27:39 GMT
Shea vs. his cake | Savage, MN family photographer No words are needed for this post.  It is yummy...all around...the cake...the little boy...and the happy!  Happy Birthday, Shea!

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) cake smash Tue, 11 Oct 2016 20:02:29 GMT
Introducing...Mr. Henry | St. Paul, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Introducing Mr. Henry.  The second little boy for this beautiful family.  That means that Mr. CJ is now a big brother...a job he is already mastering with pride.  He is busy giving kisses, snuggles, sharing his hat, and sharing his mom and dad's lap.  So many changes in this house.  More love, less sleep.  More reasons to smile.  One holds baby and the other tosses the football.   Life is so good.  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites!! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Mon, 10 Oct 2016 17:11:45 GMT
Welcome, Mr. Mateus | Minneapolis, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

For those that follow my photography, especially those newborn families.  You know I have a thing for little feet.  I just love capturing them.  So this baby got a few of his adorable toes!  Meet Mr. Mateus.  A third little boy for this family.  Mom wanted baby and sibling pictures because dad couldn't be there but, I convinced her to get in for a few.  And I will make sure dad is there for baby's three month milestone update!  Put it on your calendar proud papa of three handsome boys!  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites of this little guy who looks like he is up to no good in this next shot.

Sarah Ann Photography offers an annual plan that will help you capture all the changes that occur during that first year of life.  Contact me for more details!!!

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Thu, 06 Oct 2016 15:09:28 GMT
The Sun and the V family | Prior Lake, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer It looked like rain all day.  

And Mama V and I  checked in a few times since the sky was looking pretty dark.  

 However, four pretty girls were ready to go, so...we said, "Let's do it!"  

When I first started this photography journey I often wished for overcast days.  They are safe and easy to shoot in.  You can go everywhere.  But, now...if it is looking cloudy...I am often disappointed.  The sun can be the family member in your pictures that you didn't know was there.  The sun can bring so much to your pictures.  So as I drove to the shoot I was disappointed because I really wanted the sun for this family and this location.  But, it wasn't showing up.  So we got to hang out in the purple, which I never get to do because of how the sun hits this spot.


And then it was like magic.  The clouds parted and out came the sun..... at just the right moments. When families book a  session it is one of the big differences between a full and a mini session.  Time.  Time for the sun to come out.  Time to move about a park and get a variety of spots.  Time to wander and give the kids a break so they cuddle back up and moments of happy can be captured.  Time.   

The other thing about time.  The time of day I know can be frustrating to families.  It is close to bedtime.  It is sometimes overlapping dinner.  It is NEVER the best time in my house in the evening.  However, when you show up for a session with me...I like to think you get to spend time with your family.  You get to give your kids all your attention.  There isn't laundry to fold, dinner to make, or bills to pay.  For about an hour you get to just relish some family time.   And then kids soon realize that they get you.  They get your hand to hold, arms to snuggle in, and eyes to look into.  They get tossed, hugged, cuddled with, and more.  They get you so it usually goes just fine.  Worth it to roll the dice on a little bit later bedtime.  

So when you book some time in front of my camera...the time of day and the gift of a few extra minutes means there is time for moments instead of of a photograph.  And here at Sarah Ann Photography I hope to send off a gallery of moments that will forever remind you that your ordinary is actually quite extraordinary.  Just you all.  Hanging out....and maybe, with a little sun.

Fall is here and I can't even tell you how excited I am for all the families I will be capturing this month.  If I don't say it enough, THANK YOU for trusting me to capture your family.  V family...your gallery is coming soon!


[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Jeffer's Pond Tue, 04 Oct 2016 21:05:49 GMT
Welcome, Baby K | Inver Grove Heights, MN Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

When you bring your first baby home...everythign changes.  The sounds, the stuff that sits around, the energy level, the daily to do lists, everything.  And your house is now the house you brought baby home to.  So capturing a family on their front stoop is something I think they will look back on for many years.  

Welcome, Baby Keegan!  A beautiful little boy who fits perfectly into mom and dads arms.  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites from their session.

Thank you W family for allowing me to help you capture and freeze this incredible time in your lives.  Congratulations! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) newborn Thu, 29 Sep 2016 15:50:47 GMT
Miss Emerson turns 1 | Lakeville, MN Family Photographer

This beauty just turned 1.  I love capturing a little one throughout their first year and this girl found her way in front of my camera every three months.  It has been so fun to watch her grow.


3 months...

6 months...

9 months....

And now she is a year and their family can't remember a time when mom and dad didn't each have a mini me.  This family has become so special to me.  Many, SO MANY, of you who have trusted me to capture your family have come my way via Meghan.  So I know for a fact that she not only has a beautiful family, but she is surrounded by so many beautiful people (inside and out).  So here are a few of our captures during their September evening session at a local apple orchard.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Wed, 28 Sep 2016 23:36:46 GMT
Grady is 6 months handsome | Bloomington, MN family photographer

This little guy and his adorable tongue are six months handsome and I have to giggle because his beautiful older sister did the same cute thing with her tongue.  Here is a throwback of Miss Molly:

A perfect end of summer Sunday morning session worked perfectly to capture some adorable moments of this little guy and a few family moments tossing rocks in the pond and wandering the park.  Here are a few more of my favorites from our time together.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Tue, 27 Sep 2016 13:29:54 GMT
Quinn is loved | Savage, MN family lifestyle photographer

There is nothing like a ready to turn one year old little girl and her very smitten parents.  I captured two one year olds this past weekend and it brings me right back to the first year of my journey as a mom and how our Charley  was the center of our world and how much joy he brought as he conquered all his firsts.  I remember thinking how can anything beat what felt like the most life changing and fast year of our lives.  Watching that tiny little miracle grow and change and develop a personality.  The second year will continue to be full of firsts, but also filled with mastering many things that have become everyday tasks.  Slowly this girl will become more and more independent, BUT the adventures continue to be awesome.  I love that parents allow our sessions to be laid back and relaxed so we can capture a little of what life is like, right now.   

The reach with those unsteady toddler legs. 

There is time for giant smiles when daddy is peeking out from behind me making his girl just light up. 

There is time to capture so many of the faces...

and little things that you will want to remember forever.  

Loved meeting this beautiful girl and the parents who love her so much.  She is a beauty inside and out. 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Wed, 21 Sep 2016 13:22:59 GMT
Who runs the world....Paige! | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

This girl is 2 and boy, oh, boy is she off and running!  Her milestone session meant we let her run and explore and I just looked to capture her busy personality!  

She brings such joy to mom and dad and her big sister is enjoying this fast adventuring partner.  A little ring around the rosy, some tire swinging, walking with mom and dad, and running free all brought out her smiles.  Here are some of my favorites!  

I am always a little sad when the milestones start to slow down (usually around 2) and I don't get to see these little ones as often as I did when they were 6, 12, 18 months or sometimes even 3 and 9 months old.  But man, they change so much those first two years.  I look forward to watching this cutie continue to explore the world.  







[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Tue, 13 Sep 2016 13:41:01 GMT
6 Month Brady | Savage, MN Family Photographer

I recently met up with this clan to capture the littlest man's 6 month milestone!  I love milestone sessions but they also make me realize how quickly time passes.  A little family time on the front porch captured happy, content, quiet, and snuggle moments.  Here are some of my favorites!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) milestone Mon, 12 Sep 2016 23:03:04 GMT
Explore Minnesota Blog Circle : September 2016 I have been in this MN photography blog circle for a year or two and we took a break for a while but we are starting back up.    I think this year we are going to try hard to post monthly about places we explore around Minnesota.  Hoping that it might spur some of us to explore something new...or find adventure in our own backyard.  I thought to kick it off I would share a few of our Minnesota Summer Adventures.  Keeping it simple and close to are a few of the places we explored.

Valley Fair became a favorite spot!  This was our first year doing season passes and we enjoyed it to the max. 

The kids experienced their first drive in movie adventure.  I think they liked it...the just didn't like waiting for their friends to arrive. 

We went to a local water ski show and had treats at the Kona Ice truck.  We actually met (Erin from the group here).  It was a beautiful evening. 

We found ourselves in various pools this summer.  Our gracious neighbor shared her pool with us and we always have fun with her grandkids!

We wandered to parks and all three still found joy on swings and slides.  

The beach was our first summer stop.  

The library was a great place we explored on days when we wanted to just get out of the house for a bit and return home for some quiet time.  

The horse races at Canterbury.

One of our last summer adventures was at the Crayola place at the Mall of America.  Definitely a spot we would have frequented more often when they were all younger.  

But when it comes down to it...our frontyard, driveway, and backyard are often the best places for happy summer memories. 

Our final summer outing was without Charley since he started middle school a day or two earlier.  But our favorite bakery was perfect with Henry's buddy on this rainy morning.  


And now carry on to see more Minnesota photographers capturing places they explored in Minnesota!  Erin Blair is next!  She always captures beautiful images with her photographers eye!!!  Click here!

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Minnesota Blog Circle Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:10:00 GMT
Sister Moments | Lakeville, MN family photographer

Families of little ones tend to be who finds their way in front of my camera.  However, I LOVE spending time with some teenage confidence.  They listen and stand still and I come home without grass stains from crawling in the grass.  So much fun to capture these gorgeous girls ...and I even convinced mom to jump in a few.  Here are some of my favorites! 

And these special sisters belong to a lovely mama who taught my Henry this past year!  Thanks for letting my camera capture you lovely ladies!  Dad will have lots of pictures to update his desk frames with.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Cleary Sisters Mon, 15 Aug 2016 20:50:40 GMT
The Whole H Clan | Prior Lake, MN family photographer

My family doesn't take enough pictures of the whole clan and everytime I capture a "whole clan" picture I think..."we need to do this more often".  Everyone changes and new family members come about and there are so many excuses to wait a little longer to get that shot.  I love that this summer I have had several extended family sessions.  In the past I have hesitated because the larger group means more posed in order to get everyone in the picture.  The amazing thing...the family's that are finding me to do their whole clan still want the natural and candid moments.  The imperfect of not everyone smiling or looking actually make for the perfect captures....  Because when you all get together...when is it ever not chaotic.  


So this family picked to hang out in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.  Let the kids lead the way, since they are all under the age of 3.  We got a little of everything and a little of everyone.  Some everyone smiling.  But also some relaxed time where Grandpa had the boys help fill the birdfeeders and Grandma had them help water the flowers.  They were troopers to meet early before the sun was high and the light was so pretty and the temps were just perfect.  The dew covered grass didn't keep this crew from enjoying some barefoot backyard moments filled with laughter and love.  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites!


Can't even handle how every session becomes my new favorite.  And so thankful for all the people who are hiring me to capture moments.  Fall is booking up fast.  Weekend dates are almost full.  Don't wait!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) extended family Mon, 15 Aug 2016 20:13:55 GMT
Life with One Year old Leo | Inver Grove Heights, MN Lifestyle Photographer

I captured this little guy when he was born and now he is 1.  Originally, they booked a park session to capture him as he is right now.  But a day or two before they changed their mind and invited me to their home instead.  I don't think they will ever regret it.  They wanted a few family portrait type pictures in the backyard and then they wanted to capture their everyday playtime, dinner, bath, and nighttime routine.  Right up my alley!  I can't love this session more than I already do.  Immediately I had some of my all time favorite client images.  There is no better way to capture your now than surrounded by your everyday life.  Your backyard...

Your front yard....

Some inside playtime.

Dinner time...the sip cup is bigger than his face,  the dog's spot, and a little cupcake action.  

And then off to bath time ...

And then these next shots.  These are my favorite because later on in life they can look back and remember this room, this light, this boy, this stage, and this happy time when bedtime was all about the chase, the cozy pjs, story time, and snuggles.  

Thank you for sharing your life with me G family.


P.S.   If you have a session booked this isn't too late to change it up and do something at home.  Carving pumpkins, baking a pie, sipping hot cider, raking leaves...the possibilities are endless and beautiful because they are you and your life!  Don't wait.  Weekends sessions are just about booked up. 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) at home Fri, 12 Aug 2016 19:02:31 GMT
Miss Mia is here!! | Burnsville, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Welcome baby Mia!

This bitty baby girl joined a family who had been anticipating her all summer.  Big sister is very attentive and interested in her gentle and loving way.  She gave lots of kisses and snuggles.  Baby Mia is happy as can be...which you can see from the smiles she gave during her first photography session.  Just love watching a family grow and telling the story of their first days as a family of four.  Congratulations O tribe.  

 This is what it is all about.  Mama and her girls.

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) lifestyle newborn Fri, 12 Aug 2016 12:37:11 GMT
Welcome, Baby Everly | Blaine, MN Newborn Lifestyle Photographer  




This big sister I met when she was just 9 months old.  They found me when I was just starting out.  They have grown with me and allowed me to help capture their family multiple times.  And now they have this wee little addition and they have moved and their story just keeps getting more and more beautiful.  It is so meaningful to be invited back to capture moments.  This big sister was so kind and gentle.  Here are a whole slew of my favorites!  

Congratulations E tribe.  Take time to step back and take it all in.   

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) newborn Thu, 11 Aug 2016 14:45:09 GMT
Weston {3 months} | Victoria, MN Lifestyle Photographer The first year of life is full of changes.  When a family books a newborn/annual plan experience with Sarah Ann Photography I love getting to catch up with a family every three months and watch baby grow.  But, it is always bitter sweet because it really makes how quickly time passes more obvious.  Baby Weston is 3 months handsome now...he went from...


to 3 months in a blink of an eye.  

He was an adorable newborn burp king. 

And still is!   I can't wait to see him at 6 months!  Such an honor when a family trusts me to capture their story.  Annual plans include a newborn session, 3 milestone sessions, and a one year full session.  And in the end you will get a year of memories that capture all the changes!  Now booking fall and winter newborns!!

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) milestone Tue, 02 Aug 2016 12:28:42 GMT
Happy Birthday, Henry | Inver Grove Height's, MN Lifestyle Family Photographer  

This handsome Henry just turned one.  What fun it was to spend a little of their everyday with them.  Capturing moments that when they look back will be the ones they want to remember.  Yes, a family photo standing in a beautiful park location would be nice.  But the entire picture in all their captures will tell such a story of this time in their life.  The house, the yard, the pup, the toys, the furniture and of course the happy.  This mama and dad were completely smitten with this little guy.  I am completely smitten with their gallery.  Here are some of my favorites! 

Look how proud this new walker is!  I think they said Grandpa had been working on walking with this little guy and predicted he would be walking by his birthday.  He was right!  

Which means life just got a wee bit more complicated for mom and dad!   Look at those tip toe reaching skills.

And after a little cake...he hopped into the pool! 

I don't doubt he went straight into his pjs and was tucked in before I hit the highway.  

So thrilled these new to Sarah Ann Photography families find me.  Again, such a happy and beautiful life they are living.  And now it is documented for years to come.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) cake smash in home one year Tue, 26 Jul 2016 23:10:39 GMT
At Home with the F family | St. Louis Park, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer  

When I pulled up at this adorable home I knew there would be some magic happening in that front yard.  For this family there is history to this home.  And I loved that they wanted to capture their family being together with it in the background.  With three little tribe members we kept things fun and relaxed and there were smiles by all.  Here are a whole slew of my favorites.   

And then a quick park stop to capture a few more moments.

More and more as I drive away from spending time with a family I just keep saying "What a beautiful family.  I wonder if they know how beautiful their life is."  And then I get so excited to get home and look at the images and I can't wait to share them with mom and dad.  Because I think in the busy of having three little ones you sometimes don't stop and step back to see the life you are building and the smiles that light up on everyone's faces during different moments.  So grateful for families that relax and are real so that I can document their life and show them how it shines.  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Tue, 26 Jul 2016 14:34:13 GMT
Welcome, Miss M | Eden Praire, MN Lifestyle Family photographer

These two.  Mr. T and Miss M  are just a week or two into knowing each other and already Mr. T shows such a tenderness towards his little sister...but, also the typical boy who sometimes gets a little too close.  So during our time together I go to witness the "awwww" moments that transitioned to the "oh, oh, too close" moments.  And that.  THAT is love.  And that is the gift that Mr. T has no idea he was just gifted.  A forever friend who he will know longer than anyone in his life.    And Miss M doesn't know it yet but, she will look up to this handsome little guy in the not too distant future.   Capturing some of the first moments together is something that these parents will forever love to look back on.  And very rarely does a newborn shoot work outside in a family's backyard.  But Mr. T spent time on my quilt as a newborn and so to have his little sister cozy on this blanket surrounded by her family meant the world to me.  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites! 

A family of four with a new little one who will fight for control over many of the moments in this house.  Sleeping, eating, and going out on adventures will mean their hands are more full but their hearts...their hearts are even more full!  Congratulations W bunch!  You have a beautiful family!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) newborn Thu, 14 Jul 2016 12:35:07 GMT
The Sarah Ann Photography keeps growing | Lakeville, MN family photographer

Welcome the P family!  New to Sarah Ann Photography!  As summer progresses I am so excited to meet new, adorable, and happy families while also catching up with returning families that are so close to my heart.  It is thanks to word of mouth, tagging pictures/ Facebook, and referring people my way that this whole adventure keeps going.  So thankful for it all.  This crew met at a favorite spot and we captured them as they are right now.   

Little guy was serious...until he wasn't and his smiles broke out!  

Ah, those hands!  

Big sister was so much fun and all smiles!  

Some exploring, reading, bubbles, and love...and little guy was tuckered out! 

And squeezing in some pics of mom and dad so they might be tempted to put a pic of just them in a frame around the house.  Because we all know it is so important to capture mom and dad too!  

Sarah Ann Photography's family continues to grow and I am so excited to meet more new families in the coming weeks!  Don't wait if you are thinking about a fall session.  Things are starting to fill up!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) cleary Fri, 01 Jul 2016 13:09:41 GMT
Smiles and Splashing for this summer crew | Burnsville, MN family lifestyle photographer

Everytime I catch up with this family I think they can't get any cuter.  I mean the smiles and the clothes...the hair and the headbands.   Both kiddos are on the move and that means summer is full of busy.  And after a busy summer day we met at the park to capture Miss Emerson because she is 9 months beautiful.  The girl has no shortage of smiles.  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites from their summer session involving smiles and some sprinklers and splashing!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) burnsville heart of the city Thu, 30 Jun 2016 21:31:34 GMT
Welcome, Tessa Kathryn | Savage, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Newborn sessions have my heart.  I love capturing new bitty babies.  Newborn sessions are of course focused on the newest little miracle...however, when I see the images captured...the ones that catch my breath are the ones in which you see the love in the other family members...whether it is the curiosity or awe from a new big sibling.  Or the looks of love that the parents have gazing at this new little person.  This gallery is full of looks of love.  My favorites are the looks of little brother  to his little sister.  He shows so much tender curiosity and awe.  I don't think I have captured a kiddo that showed so much awe.  And the happy the parents have watching their first born enjoy his newest little sister.  The everyone smiling and portrait of baby are great...but, in the end, in years to come..the ones that tell the story of love will forever bring them back to these first weeks of chaos as they adjust to being a family of four.  

Such a beautiful family and so many favorites!  Here are just a few! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Mon, 27 Jun 2016 14:52:25 GMT
Summer 2016: June 20- June 26 June 20

June 21 - missed a pic


June 22

June 23 - Charley off to Valley Fair with some buddies (NO parent).  Big step for this mama.

June 24

June 25

and was surprised by my husband with the help of two amazing friends for my 40th birthday coming up in July!!!!

June 26 -mastering a cartwheel and snacking on homegrown raspberries 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) summer 2016 Mon, 27 Jun 2016 00:40:44 GMT
Summer Evenings are meant for splashing | Prior Lake, MN Lifestyle Photographer

Summer is here and summer sessions offer up beautiful weather and the chance to get an everyone smiling picture along with some splashing in the fountains and watermelon devouring pictures.  I met these busy boys last fall and seeing how much they have grown and how full of life they are was the perfect way to spend a summer Sunday evening.  

P.S.  Every time I capture a family at this park and we involve the sprinklers I come home soaked.  My kids wonder why I never get soaked when I bring them there.... One of these trips I will have to surprise them. 

Don't wait too much longer to contact me about a late summer/ fall session.  Space is limited (especially weekends).  I am always impressed by the on the ball early planners.  I am more of a fly by the seat planner. 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Tue, 21 Jun 2016 17:25:01 GMT
Summer 2016: June 13- June 19 June 13 

June 14

June 15

June 16

June 17

June 18

June 19

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) summer 2016 Mon, 20 Jun 2016 01:11:42 GMT
Summer 2016: June 6- June 12 I am loving this June 1st to September 1st summer capture project.  I am enjoying capturing my crew again, it has been a while since I have wanted to pick up my camera for me.  Most challenging thing is getting my boys in the pictures...they are stealth and like to avoid the lens.  But, I am making it happen.  Here is our week!  And now it is officially summer in our house...boys finished up on Thursday at 12:50!


June 6

June 7

June 8

June 9 - Last walk into school together until they are a freshman and senior in high school!  

June 10

June 11

Missed :(


June 12

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Summer 2016 Sun, 12 Jun 2016 22:10:48 GMT
Summer 2016 : June 1-June 5 June 1

June 2

June 3

June 4

June 5

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) summer 2016 Mon, 06 Jun 2016 23:46:05 GMT
Time allows for moments | Savage, MN family photographer

Some sessions just flow and the kids are just so happy hanging out that they go a wee bit longer and I get home and am overwhelmed with the moments captured.  Picking something to DO during your session can really help the kids and adults to relax and just be themselves. This family chose to explore a park and play at the creek.  And it is when they forget I am there that the magic happens!  I think that is why I really love the at home sessions.  It just happens naturally because kids are in their natural space.   When family's book they assure me they just need a family picture and one of each of their kiddos.  And  they get that in their gallery.  But I also hope they love all the moments captured from the hair pulling everyday mama moment...

to the everyone is smiling moment.  Sessions with Sarah Ann Photography aren't about a handful of captures...they are about a whole bunch of moments and connections captured.  Sessions are longer so that the natural and real can happen.  So little ones that are tentative warm up to my camera.  So that when you drive away your little one might even be talking about throwing rocks in the river with Sarah. 

It takes a lot of pictures to get the gems and my gems are probably different than your gems...since you will see different things than I do.  But one thing is for sure...with every family I capture I see a beautiful family and an amazing life.  I usually watch their video slideshow over and over all day.  And I say at least once to my husband, what a great family and life they have.  So here is an overshare (because I have already shared so many on Facebook) of some really adorable moments that happened during this family's session.  

Thank you Tinker family!  I hope you find lots of moments to treasure from our time together!

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Hidden Valley Thu, 02 Jun 2016 12:32:14 GMT
More Moms getting in the Picture | Minneapolis, MN Lifestyle Photographer

This is the camera carrying mama and she needed some pictures with her boys...all of them!  So they booked a session to capture a little of everything...but with the focus of getting mom in the pictures!  Love this!  And even better we met down at their creek where they have many family memories.   I love all the moments we captured!  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites!  

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Minneapolis Wed, 25 May 2016 16:00:20 GMT
The Everyday Moments | St. Paul, MN Family photographer  

It is the little everyday moments that someday, when time has passed, you will want to go back and remember and feel them again.  Today my daughter finishes up her last year of preschool.  And I have had a lot of moments of deep breathes thinking about how fast it all has gone.  Right now it is just her and I at home during the week.  And before I know it these days will have passed too.  Knowing this I offered this mama a little at home session documenting some of their everyday mama and CJ moments.  Number 2 is on the way this fall and so I know these days are precious.  And so we hung out for a bit and I captured some of their regular old Wednesday morning moments...pull up a stool...

Pour yourself a cup of coffee...and see if some of these moments bring you back to the days when you had a little one underfoot! Or maybe you have a little one underfoot and it will remind you how beautiful the simple little everyday routines are so very big in the eyes of your child!

And true mama of a boy ends looking for worms with a cold cup of coffee.  

If there is a mama in your life that spends her days with little ones at home...or that mama is you!  Think about having some of those moments captured.  Getting your kiddos in the car, shopping at Target, baking pancakes, and folding laundry.  The ups and the downs...they all will be beautiful moments you will give anything to relive...just as soon as they are off to Kindergarten...which happens before you know it! 

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) at home Wed, 25 May 2016 15:10:41 GMT
Isaac is 5 | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer



Love watching smiley guys grow up in front of my camera!  And even more so, I love when I am able to capture their spirit with my lens.  This kiddo is bursting with joy...and boy energy...I think we caught many of Isaac's expressions this session.   And the brother shenanigans when his big brother joined him show the fun they have in life.  Here are a few of my favorites!    

[email protected] (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Mon, 23 May 2016 12:47:41 GMT
Saturday Morning Shenanigans | Prior Lake, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer Of this be sure:

You do not find the happy life make it - Thomas S. Monson

Pour yourself whatever makes you happy this early morning and settle in to see a glimpse at a family who is making one happy life together.  This is the second at home session I have captured for them.  I love finding families who embrace my style and eye.  They know I am a lover of seeing the beauty in the real and everyday and not the perfect, but rather the perfectly imperfect.  The moments.

 So this round we captured simple Saturday morning shenanigans  ...starting with pjs, coffee, and donuts with sprinkles.  Followed by couch jumping, cuddling, feeding the cat, playing inside, and out.  I think their gallery of images will definitely be proof that the life they are making is one beautiful adventure.  And they will have great evidence of what life is like right in years to come they can remember ....

Will she always eat her donut like this?