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Hello, Billy | Prior Lake, MN Newborn Photographer

March 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Last September I met this tiny fellow!  The second little boy for this adorable family.  And now he is 6 months and I will be catching up with him later this week. It is crazy how much they change in that first week, first month, 6 months....that first year.  And it all goes so fast...especially when it is number 2.  So capturing them just a week into life is a choice a family will never regret.  Because those tiny little parts grow and change so much.


And your first baby all of a sudden seems SO much older.  


The sibling moments are always my favorite to capture.  They are often candid and so authentic.  There is no way for a 2-4 year older sibling to fake any joy or love when they interact with their new sibling.  The moments captured are always so natural and real and usually make everyone in the room giggle, sigh, and smile.  Big B and Little B are lucky to have each other.


I am sure these parents are in awe of how quickly the first six months have gone.  It is such an amazing journey watching your children grow, change, become a little more their own person, and build lifelong friendships with those they love.  


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