Sarah Ann Photography LLC | Catching up with a favorite session from last fall....The M Tribe

Catching up with a favorite session from last fall....The M Tribe

August 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

She's just a mother.

Which is kind of like saying,

"It's just the sun."

-Matt Walsh

This smiling lady just radiates motherhood.  And I am so lucky to have gotten to know her during some of my mothering years!  Last fall I got to capture her family and a little bit of the extended family and I loved the time spent with them.  I also loved the pictures.  I can't believe I didn't share them last fall.  Fall gets crazy for family pictures and I lost steam in the blogging department.  I am sharing a few families in the coming weeks to remind people how priceless an hour in front of my camera can be.  Forever capturing happiness and the connections you and yours have with each other! 


I also have had questions about whether a mini session or a full session is right for your family.  Everyone only NEEDS one family picture and one of each of their kiddos.  But it takes a gallery of photos that make your heart smile to find the handful that make your heart burst!  A mini session doesn't give you time to relax and hang out.  Though a mini session can be short and sweet...a full session offers the chance for kids to warm up.  It also allows for multiple backgrounds.  It doesn't mean that your family is sitting on a blanket for an hour.  We wander, climb trees, explore a park, blow bubbles, play tag, hula hoop, eat ice cream, swing, throw rocks in a stream... it is never dull or painful! At least no one has described it that way...yet :)


Here are some of my favorites of their FULL session!  


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