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Quinn is loved | Savage, MN family lifestyle photographer

September 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There is nothing like a ready to turn one year old little girl and her very smitten parents.  I captured two one year olds this past weekend and it brings me right back to the first year of my journey as a mom and how our Charley  was the center of our world and how much joy he brought as he conquered all his firsts.  I remember thinking how can anything beat what felt like the most life changing and fast year of our lives.  Watching that tiny little miracle grow and change and develop a personality.  The second year will continue to be full of firsts, but also filled with mastering many things that have become everyday tasks.  Slowly this girl will become more and more independent, BUT the adventures continue to be awesome.  I love that parents allow our sessions to be laid back and relaxed so we can capture a little of what life is like, right now.   

The reach with those unsteady toddler legs. 

There is time for giant smiles when daddy is peeking out from behind me making his girl just light up. 

There is time to capture so many of the faces...

and little things that you will want to remember forever.  

Loved meeting this beautiful girl and the parents who love her so much.  She is a beauty inside and out. 


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