Sarah Ann Photography LLC | Explore Minnesota Blog Circle : September 2016

Explore Minnesota Blog Circle : September 2016

September 12, 2016  •  1 Comment

I have been in this MN photography blog circle for a year or two and we took a break for a while but we are starting back up.    I think this year we are going to try hard to post monthly about places we explore around Minnesota.  Hoping that it might spur some of us to explore something new...or find adventure in our own backyard.  I thought to kick it off I would share a few of our Minnesota Summer Adventures.  Keeping it simple and close to are a few of the places we explored.

Valley Fair became a favorite spot!  This was our first year doing season passes and we enjoyed it to the max. 

The kids experienced their first drive in movie adventure.  I think they liked it...the just didn't like waiting for their friends to arrive. 

We went to a local water ski show and had treats at the Kona Ice truck.  We actually met (Erin from the group here).  It was a beautiful evening. 

We found ourselves in various pools this summer.  Our gracious neighbor shared her pool with us and we always have fun with her grandkids!

We wandered to parks and all three still found joy on swings and slides.  

The beach was our first summer stop.  

The library was a great place we explored on days when we wanted to just get out of the house for a bit and return home for some quiet time.  

The horse races at Canterbury.

One of our last summer adventures was at the Crayola place at the Mall of America.  Definitely a spot we would have frequented more often when they were all younger.  

But when it comes down to it...our frontyard, driveway, and backyard are often the best places for happy summer memories. 

Our final summer outing was without Charley since he started middle school a day or two earlier.  But our favorite bakery was perfect with Henry's buddy on this rainy morning.  


And now carry on to see more Minnesota photographers capturing places they explored in Minnesota!  Erin Blair is next!  She always captures beautiful images with her photographers eye!!!  Click here!


Tina Fisher(non-registered)
Sarah! These are wonderful! It makes me miss summer and wish I could get out there and do some of the things you captured!!! Beautiful as always!!!
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