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Worth it Everytime | Prior Lake, Minnesota Family Photographer

November 23, 2016  •  2 Comments

Meet this gorgeous crew!  

I think that shot up above was the first shot I took.  I always aim to get the everyone smiling at the camera shot done right away.  And then from there everyone can relax and there is far less pressure on everyone for the rest of the session.  2016 was the year of extended family sessions.  I had more extended family bookings this year than ever.  I have come to love the large group session because there is usually a lot of laughter and I always walk away feeling blessed that they chose me to capture their tribe.  It takes a lot to get everyone together.  Finding a date and time that works, no one is sick, and  getting everyone thoughtfully dressed.  I think all the chaos to get everyone to the session is always so worth it once they are together and realizing what is being documented!  

This sweet girl could turn that frown upside down in a split second :)

My first 2017 Gift Certificate for an extended family session went out today.   With any extended family session there is an opportunity for each individual family to add on a small mini session to get a little of just their family captured too.  What a wonderful gift to give this holiday season!  


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Hi Krista,

I can't seem to message you back. Email me at This location would totally work for you!
Hi Sarah!

Love these! I'm located in Burnsville, wondering what park this is and how far it may be from us if we want the same photos!
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