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Simple Saturday Moments | Eagen, MN Family Photographer

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment




 The simple things.  

Our children have us juggling and worrying and planning and doing so many things every second of the day.  There are so many experiences and opportunities we want our little ones to experience, however, when they are is really just the simple ordinary daily things that really make them light up.  Like making pancakes on a Saturday morning...


Letting them pick the bowl, scoop the flour, and pick their mixing utensil make them light up. 

Slowing down to just enjoy the simple means he notices your earrings while you are pouring the pancake batter.  

It is the simple things they take pride in getting the newspaper.

And showing their tiny treasured collections.

A family portrait on your front stoop makes the ordinary pretty extraordinary...because this is your space.  The place they watch for dad to arrive home from work, where they sit and eat a popsicle, or color with chalk.  It is home.  

And a few steps from home is your everyday walking path that sometimes entertains for 10 minutes and sometimes an hour...

Another at home session with Britton and Lovisa was made perfect with pancakes, a walk, and just hanging out at home.  Treasured everyday moments that will look so differently a year from now.  Lovisa will want to stir the batter and Britton will be flipping the pancakes without dad's guidance.  It all goes so fast.   Such an honor to be invited into their family for a morning to help them capture some of these fleeting moments.  


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