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At home with the S family | Minnetonka family photographer

September 30, 2014  •  1 Comment

Do you realize how amazing your real is?  

I captured the image up above by shooting through their front window.  Not the most clear of shots, but clearly shows a family doing their everyday "now".  And at this stage of the game the fridge is covered in things that they are all proud of.  Big brother is sipping a grape pop.  Mom is feeding the littlest the bite sized pieces that are required at this stage of the game.  Love this.  

This family hired me to spend a couple hours to capture their real.  They didn't want much direction, not any really.  They wanted moments that happen.  And looking through their pictures you can see that their life is full.  Full of family, full of two little boys, and a great team of parents.  We captured a few with Grandma and Grandpa, hung out around the house, made pizza, played a board game, shot hoops, and just hung out outside.  Here is an over share of this super session with the S family! 


Ummm . . . I think my favorite YET! Can that even be possible?!?!? Love the way you have captured the extraordinary ordinary and the beauty in the normal everyday.
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