What makes your heart burst when number two arrives | Prior Lake, MN Newborn Photographer

June 21, 2018  •  1 Comment

Baby number two is coming and you are overwhelmed with thoughts on how number two will fit in to your daily chaos.  How will the big sibling handle the transition from being the only to the "big brother/sister"?  How will it go juggling two who need to get in and out of the car?  How will you feed baby while number one is needing attention?  How will you parent at 6 am when big brother is up and ready for the day and you have been up all night with baby number 2?  And planning for newborn pictures is likely not on your mind at all?

Newborn pictures are so special.  They capture such an incredible time.  But newborn pictures for your second capture SO much more than just a new baby!   

What is so special about newborn pictures for the second (or third ...)?

The thing that is so special is capturing the start of a lifelong relationship between your first and the newest member of your family.  This newborn session we focused on capturing Keegan and Gavin and the start of their brother adventures.  

And here are a WHOLE BUNCH of my favorites!!! 

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Amanda Walker(non-registered)
I cannot express how much these pictures mean to me. Thank you Sarah for capturing these moments. They are amazing.
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