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April 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Amazing how a year can pass by so quickly and so many changes can happen.  I met this couple a little over a year ago when their story as parents was just beginnning and was honored to capture them a number of times this first year.  A natural and relaxed maternity session in the comfort of their home was where we started.  This couple has allowed me to snap up moments that I LOVE to capture right from the beginning.  My journey in photography has been quite the adventure and it is so fun to meet families that give me the opportunity to capture their magic with my documentary storytelling eye.  My heart just LOVES capturing the real.  The magic in the ordinary everyday moments that are the ones you will look back on and wish you could go back and do over.    It is such an honor to be invited into a family's home, their personal space, and I am so glad that more and more families are finding me and my photography voice.  After documenting a story each family takes up a little place in my heart, especially those that share these everyday details with me.

Miss E is now one and her parents are now pros.  Here is some of their "now".  Once again, captured with little coaxing or pressure.  Mom and dad had their little list of things Miss E does these days that they want to remember and we just hung out and helped those moments happen.

The reach.

the toes.

The crawl.

the bottle.

The little helper underfoot.

Playtime with mom and dad and her furry friend.

 first steps.

I just finished an incredible class that had me look closely at my photography work and identify my voice.  This shoot came right at the end and it really confirmed my love of documentary storytelling sessions that capture people's real moments in expressive ways that show the beauty in their everyday.  This is where I want to focus my photography journey as I continue.  It really is why I began picking up my camera and where my passion lies.  Thank you Selina and David for growing with me this year.  It has been a joy to capture your little girl's first year.  


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