Miss Kennedy on the run! | Farmington, MN family photographer

April 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

6 months ago I witnessed this sweet blue eyed gal take down a beautiful pink cake like no other.  And this past week I got to catch up and see where she is at now!  

And she still has some gorgeous blue eyes.  But she is no longer doing her unique little butt scoot.  She is running.  NON. STOP.  And I think mom and dad left our session thinking we got nada.  But look at the busy girl and her blue eyes and a few captures of where she is at now!  

Only time she sat :)  Gave me a chance to get those nummy toes!  Those toes are going to have an incredible summer.  Soak those toes in mom and dad.  They are only nibble friendly for a wee bit longer :)

It was windy and cool and this is the look while she tries to take off her jacket with all three of us saying, "Oh no! Keep your jacket on!"  

An imperfect image in a few little photography ways, but might be one of my favorites!  High five, girlfriend!  You are gonna be a  big sister and I can't wait to continue capturing your family's story :)


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