And he's off....| Burnsville, MN family photographer

April 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

You start your journey as a parent and there are times when they don't sleep well and it feels like it is going to last forever.  But then all of a sudden....they are one!  And it all seems like a blur.  

And if you are smart, you pause and take in the moments of each stage and even if they are hard you appreciate them.  You take in the joy when they see you and take off running to get to you.

And when they reach for your hand and really can only get your finger in their tiny fists.

One year olds can be so tricky to capture.  They have this new freedom and this perseverance to explore all that they see in the world.  And I am enjoying getting down, ruining the knees in my jeans, and seeing the world through their eyes.  Because there is magic in their chaos.   

I am kind of in love with these little one year olds that are a challenge to capture but, so darn cute when I do get them.  I think I won with this little guy!   

Well, really his mom and dad won!  They hit the jackpot with this little stunning gent.  I am just glad I was the one who got to give them an album of memories!


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