Sarah Ann Photography LLC: Blog en-us (C) Sarah Ann Photography LLC (Sarah Ann Photography LLC) Sun, 08 Oct 2017 18:29:00 GMT Sun, 08 Oct 2017 18:29:00 GMT Sarah Ann Photography LLC: Blog 120 120 Catching up with a favorite session from last fall....The M Tribe

She's just a mother.

Which is kind of like saying,

"It's just the sun."

-Matt Walsh

This smiling lady just radiates motherhood.  And I am so lucky to have gotten to know her during some of my mothering years!  Last fall I got to capture her family and a little bit of the extended family and I loved the time spent with them.  I also loved the pictures.  I can't believe I didn't share them last fall.  Fall gets crazy for family pictures and I lost steam in the blogging department.  I am sharing a few families in the coming weeks to remind people how priceless an hour in front of my camera can be.  Forever capturing happiness and the connections you and yours have with each other! 


I also have had questions about whether a mini session or a full session is right for your family.  Everyone only NEEDS one family picture and one of each of their kiddos.  But it takes a gallery of photos that make your heart smile to find the handful that make your heart burst!  A mini session doesn't give you time to relax and hang out.  Though a mini session can be short and sweet...a full session offers the chance for kids to warm up.  It also allows for multiple backgrounds.  It doesn't mean that your family is sitting on a blanket for an hour.  We wander, climb trees, explore a park, blow bubbles, play tag, hula hoop, eat ice cream, swing, throw rocks in a stream... it is never dull or painful! At least no one has described it that way...yet :)


Here are some of my favorites of their FULL session!  

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Soaking up the tiny Mr. Dominic | Eagan, MN Newborn Photographer

When your first bitty baby arrives you spend hours and hours soaking up all the tiny moments.  The end of the day comes and you wonder, "what did I do today?"  And maybe you didn't get a To Do List accomplished, but with a newborn in the picture you have your priorities set straight if the minutes turned into hours and much of the day was spent just being with this new little wiggly baby.  These two naturally fell into moments of just being with their handsome little guy.  And my camera loved capturing it all.  Here are some of my favorites!  

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Welcome, Miss Hadley | Lakeville, MN Newborn Photographer

Meet the beautiful Miss Hadley.  This pretty girl met my camera when she was just under a week old and I could not get enough.  All that hair and a few bitty rolls in all the right places makes this girl very yummy.  And boy oh boy is her family smitten.

She is the second little one for this tribe.. making someone a very proud big brother!  Theo was so much fun as he shared his energy for life and his love for his little sister. Here are a whole bunch of my favorites from our time together.  

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Miss Everly {6 months} | Blaine, MN Family Photographer

Meet Everly!  She is 6 months beautiful and I enjoyed catching up with her for her six month milestone.  Here she was as a newborn.  

Six month milestone is probably my favorite!  They are so smiley and getting so much more personality.  And the changes are so huge in those first few months!  

Contact me if you have a milestone you want to capture!  Short and sweet and a little slice of life in the first year frozen and captured.  

Thanks, E family for having me up to your neck of the woods!  

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Welcome, Sir Callahan | Prior Lake, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Welcome, sweet Callahan!  Such tiny toes ....

...and, such an enormous yawn for only five days old.  

The W family is my most recent newborn session and once again I am reminded how much I love newborn sessions.  I roll up to a relaxed house where big brother is still napping and Callahan is ready for is day five bath.  "Yes, please!" says my camera.  I mean that is an everyday moment that will change so drastically in the first year.

And in the quiet we capture baby C.  We capture his tiny on mom and dad's bed.  

There is time for mama to feed baby...and look at those tiny, firmly grasped fingers.

Big brother wakes up and we capture them together.

And as a family of four!

Newborn sessions have my heart.    Real, authentic, natural, and meaningful moments captured of this precious time that goes by far too fast.  

Send me all the newborns!  I will love you forever!

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6 month milestone for Miss Mia | Burnsville, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer

Meet Miss Mia!  There she is at 6 months....

Here she is as a newborn!

This sweet girl gave some smiles, but wowsers her six month stare down captures are my favorite.  Just stunning, sweet little girl.  Here are a whole bunch of my favorites from her milestone session back in January.  Newborn clients can take advantage of the annual plan to capture multiple stages of baby's first year.   

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Happy Birthday, August! | Savage, MN family photographer

Last month this little balloon holding, puppy loving, cupcake devouring little man turned 1.  I absolutely loved the moments we captured of him being one.  Turning one is such a milestone.  Makes every mama realize how fast that first year goes.  Their personalities really are starting to show through and though some things get easier (maybe sleeping through the night) other things get they learn to toddle and walk and get into things.  Happy Birthday, Mr. August.  And Happy BIRTH day, mama.  What an incredible happy boy you have!  

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Emerson is 3 | Savage, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer

This is the beautiful Miss Emerson!  She was one of my first real newborn clients...meaning, I didn't know her and they gave me a chance when I was just starting out.  They gifted me the chance to capture her every 3 months that first year and have continued to let me share in the joy of capturing her as she becomes this delightful little lady.  So 3 years for Miss Emerson and 3 years for Sarah Ann Photography.  Wow!!! 

 Here are a few moments from our Sunday morning session in January.

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The Stairs | Prior Lake, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer Looking back at 2016 I loved how so many families embraced their home as a backdrop for their family photos.  A relaxed session being at home, doing your thing, surrounded by your life.  Photos captured at your house mean the entire photo will tell a story for years to come.  Just like our children grow and change...our homes change and we even move.  To remember the home you began your family in is something you will always love looking back on.  I recently shared how the crib and the kitchen can look different as your children grow and change.   When hanging out at home some of my favorite captures are the in between moments.  The ones traveling from one activity to another.  Running upstairs to put on princess costumes.....

or to follow big sister who is in the mood to jump on her bed!

The way they go up or down.  The confidence.  The independence.  It changes as they grow.  And the light is often just perfect on the stairs.  

One of the reasons at home sessions are my favorite is because I get to shoot most like I shoot for my own family.  I get to capture authentic and simple moments and show you how beautiful your real and your everyday can be.  

Going into 2017 ponder the idea of having your family photos done in the comfort of your own home.  The entire picture will tell a story you will love to look back on for years to come.  

Checkout the kitchen as a backdrop here.

Checkout the crib and the fun that can be captured here!

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3 Little boys | Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer

Little boys should never be sent to bed

They always wake up a day older.

-Peter Pan

I have been capturing this crew for awhile now and now there are three little boys and this session we focused on the bitty boy's three month milestone.  But his brothers were there with so much joy we got some of them too!  This mama has a lot of love coming at her with all these handsome guys in her life.  And though she doesn't want them to wake up a day older...I am sure there are many nights when bedtime gives her peace to rest.  And if she is like me...looking in on three little boys dreaming peacefully with their heads on their pillows are likely some of her favorite moments of the day.  Safe and sleeping gives a mama's heart time to reenergize of the next day of adventures.  

Also included in this session was their handsome dad.  He has escaped my camera the last couple sessions and I was so thrilled to get him in there with his boys.  Such a beautiful family that embraces my natural at home sessions.  

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The Kitchen | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer Next up...what many call the heart of their home...the kitchen.

Pancake flipping, cookie decorating, family chats and cuddles can all happen in the kitchen.  Playing games at the kitchen table, arts and crafts, donut devouring, birthday cake smashes, and sink baths have all been captured with my camera.   The kitchen is the heart of a home and the tasks that your little ones explore will grow and change.  No matter what though, it is a place where memories will be made.  Think about your kitchen and the potential it has to be  a beautiful backdrop to tell a little bit of your family's story.

Miss Emerson Age 2

Miss Emerson Age 3

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The crib | Savage, MN Family Lifestyle Photographer Going into 2017 I am going to take a couple of blog posts to show you how your home as a backdrop will change as your children grow.  I have had several clients want to look for a location outside of their home, because they don't want it to be the same.  However, capturing your child in the home will never be the same.  Your house changes and how they fit and interact in your home changes.  Here are just a few examples of how the crib changes from newborn to about three years of age...this is just a few of the many crib captures Sarah Ann Photography has loved capturing.  

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Adorable baby bump alert! | Apple Valley, MN Family Photographer

How many of us mamas avoided the camera when we were pregnant?  

And how many of us now regret that we don't have more moments captured while we were on one of the biggest adventures of our lifetime?  I know this mama will have no regrets having some moments captured with her adorable baby bump.  

 Mama Becky, relish this time with that little one who finds your heartbeat and voice the most peaceful and soothing sounds.  Right now only you know when the hiccups show up or when a change of position is needed.  He/she is all yours for the next couple weeks.  So many are anticipating and waiting to meet him/her   and help love and care for baby (especially, dad).  They can't wait until you share him/her with the world.  Can't wait to hear the news and to help you capture this next chapter in your journey. 

And now you need to pick a name :)

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Autumn with the K clan | Savage, MN family photographer

The perfectly imperfect is quite possibly my favorite thing about naturally candid photo sessions.  Every hand isn't perfectly placed, every smile isn't facing the camera, and sometimes one is hanging upside down but, the evidence is captured and there is no question this family is full of love and happiness and are at the stage of life where the imperfect is perfectly beautiful.  Love this family and loved catching up with them for a little mini session this fall!  Here are a couple of my favorites!  

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Fall Favorites | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

In the coming weeks Sarah Ann Photography is going to do some throwback blog posts.  I never blogged many of my fall sessions, because I was trying hard to get familys their galleries more timely for holiday cards and gifts.  So today I am starting with the T family.  Beautiful family who is just in love with their pretty little lady Miss B.  Such a joy to spend a pretty mild fall morning capturing their "now".   Thanks T family for returning to Sarah Ann Photography in 2016.  Here are a handful of my favorites!

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Worth it Everytime | Prior Lake, Minnesota Family Photographer

Meet this gorgeous crew!  

I think that shot up above was the first shot I took.  I always aim to get the everyone smiling at the camera shot done right away.  And then from there everyone can relax and there is far less pressure on everyone for the rest of the session.  2016 was the year of extended family sessions.  I had more extended family bookings this year than ever.  I have come to love the large group session because there is usually a lot of laughter and I always walk away feeling blessed that they chose me to capture their tribe.  It takes a lot to get everyone together.  Finding a date and time that works, no one is sick, and  getting everyone thoughtfully dressed.  I think all the chaos to get everyone to the session is always so worth it once they are together and realizing what is being documented!  

This sweet girl could turn that frown upside down in a split second :)

My first 2017 Gift Certificate for an extended family session went out today.   With any extended family session there is an opportunity for each individual family to add on a small mini session to get a little of just their family captured too.  What a wonderful gift to give this holiday season!  

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First up...| Prior Lake, MN Lifestyle Family Photographer  



Sarah Ann Photography was so blessed this October to capture so many beautiful families.  I worked hard to pass of galleries timely so that holiday cards could be ordered and everyone could look super on top of things.  (Not like my family since I have no idea what picture we will be using yet).  Usually I blog a session right after sending it off.  But, I skipped that this past month to try and be more productive with the galleries.  And it worked.  Now I am realizing how fun it is to now go back and look at the gallery and pick some favorites to share.  So in the next few weeks I will be sharing a few favorites from each of my fall sessions.  First up is this adorable family.  An early morning session at Centennial Lakes park was a perfect little adventure with many natural moments and smiles and even a few not so happy moments that are sometimes my favorite captures.  Take a peek at this family's time with Sarah Ann Photography.  Thank you D family for returning and being up for an adventure.  

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Grand moments with the Grandparents | Prior Lake, MN Family photographer

What a special session this was.  Grandma and Grandpa were gifted a session with their grandchildren.  Treasured moments they will forever relish.  The  malt making, accordion playing, reading with Grandma, and moments with Grandma's elephant collection just fill my heart up and I am not even related.  The memories I have of my time at my grandparents house are all about the little things we did often when visiting and when I pull out my parents photo albums the pull back shots where I can see their home...the parts of their home like the carpet, wall hangings, and knick knacks bring so much back from my times visiting them....Even the smells and tastes.   Grandma will have lots of frames to fill with these four beautiful grandchildren they enjoy so much. 

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This session has my heart | Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer The question is not what you look at, but what you see.  - Henry Thoreau

Being invited into a family's life is such an honor.  So grateful for these families that find me and trust my eye to share their lives.  They relax and live life with my camera around to capture the little everyday moments that they want to remember.  Meet the H family.  We met one morning when it was a little windy, but not so chilly.  We wandered down to the lake they live by to capture some family moments and then we captured life at home with two beautiful little girls.  Snuggles, dance parties, hide and seek, jumping on beds, changing into princess dresses and so much more!  A favorite session for sure and so much fun this time of year when the park sessions are fast and furious.  I relish slowing down with a family to do sessions like this.  

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Fall looks good on the Allen Tribe | Prior Lake, MN Family Photographer

This family was made for October and it was so fun to meet them this year.  Just happy and relaxed and oh so many natural smiles throughout the entire evening.  I loved every capture from their gallery and knew it when I came home and uploaded them.  I was dying having to wait to dive into editing this session.  Fall just looks so good on all of them!  Here are some of my favorites! 

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